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5 Tips for Protecting Your Eyes this Summer

When you’re soaking in the sun or splashing in the surf, sometimes eye care is the last thing on your mind. Just like this time of year can lead to skin burns and dehydration, your eyes can become more vulnerable during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Here are five easy ways to protect your eye health this summer.

1. Wear Sunglasses with a UV Tint

Wearing sunglasses during the summertime is common enough but most people don’t realize the importance of a UV tint. By default, the tint of a sunglass lens makes the bright sun and reflections (common on sand and water) easier on your eyes and this can ease discomfort. However, the sun’s UV rays can actually permeate those darkened lenses.

Say you forget to put sunscreen on your shoulders and get a sunburn. This is due to UV rays hitting your skin. The same thing can happen to your eyes without UV protection, potentially harming your vision or the delicate skin around them.

After a long day in the sun without UV protection, your eyes might ache, feel gritty, or sting—or you might get a headache. An easy way to avoid this discomfort is to add a UV tint to your sunglasses. For even more UV protection, wear sunglasses that wrap around your temples.

Contact Vogue Optical today about UV tinted sunglasses.


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2. And Keep Those Sunglasses On!

Just plan on laying on the sand or tanning with your eyes closed? Keep those shades on. The skin of your eyelids and the surrounding area is fragile and vulnerable to harsh UV rays.

Additionally, UV rays can also get through clouds on an overcast day so continue to wear your sunglasses even when it’s a grey outside. (Those UV rays are sneaky!)


3. Use Swim Goggles

Taking to the ocean for a dip or the pool for some laps without goggles can sometimes lead to less-than-enjoyable eye irritations. Chemicals in pools, salt in the sea and viruses, parasites and bacteria in all bodies of water can lead to red, itchy and sore eyes or even things like conjunctivitis. Contact us today about prescription swim goggles.

For added eye protection, rinse your eyes with clean water after a swim and use eye drops. Do not wear contact lenses when swimming as those nasty parasites and viruses can actually get trapped underneath the lens and potentially cause harm to your eye health.


4. Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is always a good idea but is extra important during the summer. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness and dry skin. But did you know it can also cause dry eyes (which can lead to blurred vision) and eye strain? Keep hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you or tracking your water intake in an app.


5. Wear Eye Protection While Doing Home DIY Projects or Gardening

Summer is a great time for getting your hands dirty. However, if dirt, sawdust or other intrusive particles make their way into your eyes, you could be left with sore, red eyes or even corneal damage from tiny scratches.

If you are doing home renovation projects or using power tools, make sure to invest in high-quality safety goggles. Contact us about prescription safety goggles.


Contact your nearest Vogue Optical store if you have questions about protecting your eyes and vision during the summer.

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