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Learn About Our New DIA IR AR Lens Coating

Vogue Optical is always striving to stay on top of advancements in vision technology. We’re proud to announce we are introducing a new lens coating we know our customers will love: DIA IR AR Lens Coating.

Anti-reflective lenses are a standard in the industry as they help with reflections and glares that can cause momentary blindness. However, protection from infrared light is a newer development. Infrared Anti-Reflective coatings protect the eyes both from the sun’s UV rays as well as its infrared rays. Infrared rays can be damaging to the internal structures of the eyes. It also has a heating effect that causes the degradation of collagen and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, especially around the eyes.

Because the lenses are more transparent than other lens types, users will have a higher quality of vision. Contrast is enhanced and more light will reach the eye. Thanks to less glare created by reflections on the front and back surface of the lens, users will also achieve reduced eyestrain.

DIA IR AR coatings are available on all of our Progressive and Single Vision lens designs.

Quick Facts:

  • AR = Anti-Reflective
  • IR = Infared Rays
  • DIA IR provides up to 3 times more protection than any other standard lens by filtering the IR radiation (Infrared Protection).

Benefits of DIA IR Coating:

  • Infrared and UV protection which slows down aging skin around the eyes
  • Healthier eyes, prolonging clear and healthy vision
  • Improved AR efficiency
  • Improved visual comfort and reduced eye fatigue
  • Improved Antistatic and Hydrophobic properties for easier cleaning
  • Advanced Scratch Resistance

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